Off the Path

It is so important to just get outside sometimes. Our bodies need the vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed best from the sun. Sometimes it’s not just about the vitamins. Sometimes it about getting out of that 8×8 prison cell we call an office. Think about all the health issues that are so common today that were not so 100 years ago or even 10 years ago. I know that some of us live in America, and we discover new diseases every day. But seriously consider the issues people had a few decades ago. We can safely say that the instances of low back pain or sleepless nights were not as prevalent.

So what’s the best way to take care of our bodies after those long work weeks. Get out there and do something different. A lot of times we look toward the end of the week as if it is some gift. But as Randy Gage says all we do when Friday comes a long is more sitting in front of a screen watching movies so we can “relax” or “wind down”. Instead of that go outside and look at a really cool screen called life. We live in a wonderful time, where options are a plenty. So here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
1. Eat with the animals.

  • Seriously try it. Grab your pic-a-nic basket and throw in some food (preferably something homemade), some plates and utensils, or don’t, you are eating with the animals, a bottle of water and find a park near by.
  • If there aren’t any parks near your home then, bike, walk or drive to one. Or just get out in the yard or driveway. Your body is begging you just do it.
  • No picnic basket? Bring an old grocery bag
  • Try leaving all distractions behind. Or if you feel you can’t leave without your ray-gun we call a cell phone at least put it on silent. Also engage with the people around you. Look into their eyes. Don’t be scared, unless they have a pocket watch waving in front of your face.

Dont actually feed the animals.
2. Go for a hike.

  • This is something we are doing a lot more of in my family. We try to go out once a week at least for a nice stomp through the woods. Don’t stomp, that’s a joke. Those squirels I know you fed at the picnic, because they were just too cute, won’t appreciate it.
  • Start slow here too. Remember we are taking small baby steps toward that healthy lifestyle. If you have a 1 mile hike near by and it feels too much then do half and be done. Don’t push it. We want you to enjoy it not loathe it entirely.
  • If you don’t know where to go in your area try asking one of your outdoorsy friends. You know the ones that wash with soap they made themselves and wear those fivefinger shoes…
  • Also use yelp. There are some great reviews of regional and state parks on the site.

3. Get on two wheels. (Disclaimer: If you are driving while reading this. Stop. And definitely don’t get up on two wheels. I know you think it’s important, but you can finish driving after you read this article. Priorities people) Ride a bike. Somewhere. Anywhere.

  • The cool thing about bikes is a five mile ride to grab milk is really not that bad.
  • If you commute to work on public transportation, try taking your bike, getting off a stop earlier than normal, and pedaling the rest of the way.

4. Go ugly early

  • Horrible saying (and something I did not follow, see my beautiful bride… Brownie points.) Pick a parking spot much further away than usual. Don’t look for that spot, that’s never there anyway, right by the entrance. Get one further away, on purpose.
  • Try this at

A. School
B. Work
C. Grocery store
D. Church or club (I don’t judge)

The basic idea is just to move. Don’t stop. I see lots of people in my practice that could benefit from just taking a couple of extra steps every day. Spend more time outside. Even if the only thing you’re doing is sun bathing. Of course use your sun protection. Don’t get too crazy with absorbing sun rays. I know some of you out there are over achievers.

Have fun and enjoy time with loved ones.

Why I do what I do

My mission statement is,

“Inspiring others to live whole and discover what moves them.” 

It is amazing how difficult it is to find out why we do what we do. I think it so important to look internally and understand the real you. Get to know yourself.

My mission statement is one that my wife and I have worked on together. As you will see in this blog, I consult my wife on a lot of things. More on that in a later post. We believe that this mission is not just my mission but our mission in life.

Thats the goal that we have. We choose to make our business plans tied in with our life plans. It is common to separate those two. “Is this trip for business or pleasure?” I say, “why not both?”

There are many facets to our mission.

1. “Inspire”. To me inspiration can be tremendous. My wife inspires me to lead our family. My daughter inspires me to show her what a father, husband and man should be. My clients inspire me. Inspiration is what we need in leaders. I feel ready to take on the world when I know someone else has attempted something similar. 

2. “Live whole”. This is open to interpretation. For my family this means. 
– Living for Christ
– Eating REAL food.
– Expressing our fitness.
– Experiencing life outdoors

3. “Discover”. This has driven nations and great people for centuries. The Vikings pillaged half of the world. The Empire of China created gun powder, but used it for ceremonial purposes. Some people discover new ways to enjoy their couch. Good intentions and bad. Doing great or mediocre. But if we can harness this desire for discovery and point it in a good direction, thats when amazing happens.

4. “What moves them”. The single most important thing in my families life is Jesus. everything else stems off of that. ‘Nuff said.

I love that I can be a positive influence in people’s lives through the work that I do. I get the privilege of spending a very important hour with someone different every day. Massage is what I do. But my mission statement is who I am.

James Cooper

About me

I am a reformed meat and potatoes, chest and bies, back and tries pain laden lad. I’ve come a long way since the days of tortilla chip spoons. I used to wake up every morning exhausted after 8 or sometimes even 10 hours of sleep. By the age of 13 I had been diagnosed with migraines, spondylolisthesis and arthritis. Each one of these things were completely and utterly my own fault. I had been slouching, in chairs and while standing, throughout years of school sports and life. And I was the one choosing to eat like a midevil knight.

It has been a huge blessing to discover this new way of living. A new excitement and vigor for life. I now move better, eat cleaner and stand taller. Never has my wife, nor my mom, been so proud to see me enter a room.

It was scary going on a hike in yosemite national park several years ago and saying to my wife on the way down the mountain, “I might need a knee replacement” can you imagine? A 23 year old talking about knee replacement? Well this is what I was faced with and something needed to change. This blog is about that change. It’s about setting a new standard for my family. Setting a goal to attain and in turn inspire my family and others to pursue the same. This blog is about making that first move, towards LIFE! I now live pain free and want to share my journey with you.

Together we can take those small steps towards a more joy filled life. Clear of pain and discomfort and ready for whatever adventures may come our way!

James Cooper